Emily Dwoyer started playing flyball in 2015. She and her husband, Andrew, frequently boarded their dogs at Flying Fur! doggie daycare. When asked if they would be interested in trying their dogs in flyball they said, "Why not!?" Lizzie has been a funny dog to work with. Emily has had to have an immense amount of patience when working with this little spitfire. It was Emily's idea to start using small, rubber balls at home to get Lizzie interested in bringing a ball around. Now we have Lizzie happily getting her ball and bringing it back to mom! Emily took a small break from flyball to bring their beautiful baby boy, Evan, into the world. Now we are excited to see them joining us at practice and home tournaments whenever they can, especially with Evan in tow! Outside of flyball, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband, Andrew, and their son Evan and daughter Anna.