Flyball is a team sport designed for high-energy dogs and their owners. Your dog will learn the basic pattern of jumping 4 jumps, executing a “Swimmer’s Turn”, retrieving a ball and returning over the jumps. Check out the sport at . 

Beginner Flyball 

This class is open to all dogs who are at least a year old and are friendly to other dogs and to people.  In this class we cover some of the basic skills your dog will need in order to play the game. We will focus on teaching a strong, reliable recall, develop your dog's interest in a ball, begin the framework for teaching a "swimmer's turn" on the box, and motivate your dog to "find the jump." 
Seven Class sessions. Cost:  $70.

**For more information or to register, please email Sharon at**

Intermediate Flyball 

For teams who have successfully completed Beginner Flyball, training continues with our 4-week Intermediate Flyball class.  The intermediate class will hone your dog’s Flyball course skills, learning the basics of passing and of performing a race. 

Four Class sessions. Cost: $40*. 
*The $40 fee for Intermediate Flyball will be credited to your racing fees once you and your dog begin competing! 

Any questions? Please email Sharon at