New River Rapid's Falling For Flyball 2019 
November 2-3, 2019

One- Two Day Tournament.  Limited to 20 Regular, 4 Multi, 4 Open Teams 

$200/Team • Closing date: September 28, 2019 

For more information call Sharon Harrell at (540)552-1351 • email: 

Blacksburg Community Center, 725 Patrick Henry Drive, Blacksburg, VA 

60 ft runback. Judges Dirk Elber and Patricia Howell

Note on indoor Crating: .  If we have at least 20 entries, including our own, we will have indoor crating.  If we do not, we will not have indoor crating and will refund each club $10 / team entered. 

We will, as always, have Single Dog Racing Friday night, a great raffle for “dog stuff”, baked goods table, and customized ribbons for Onyx and above titles.  The Blacksburg Community Center is next to a large park for dog walking.

We Welcome Spectators!


Entry Form  


Friday Night Racing  


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Welcome Letter for Competitors   


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