New River Rapid's No Work, All Play Flyball 2018 
September 1st-2nd, 2018

One- Two Day Tournament.  Limited to 20 Regular, 4 Multi, 4 Open Teams 

$200/Team • Closing date: July 28, 2018 

For more information call Sharon Harrell at (540)552-1351 • email: 

Blacksburg Community Center, 725 Patrick Henry Drive, Blacksburg, VA 

60 ft runback. Judges Dirk Elber and Patricia Howell

Note on indoor Crating: .  If we have at least 22 entries, including our own, we will have indoor crating.  If we do not, we will not have indoor crating and will refund each club $10 / team entered. 

We will, as always, have Single Dog Racing Friday night, a great raffle for “dog stuff”, baked goods table, and customized ribbons for Onyx and above titles.  The Blacksburg Community Center is next to a large park for dog walking.

Make sure you save room for the Food Trucks! 


(PDF) (Excel)   

Welcome Letter for Competitors   


Cookin With Greece Food Truck! 
Saturday, September 1st

Rick's Wrap It Up Food Truck!
Sunday, September 2nd