Kelly Sweeney has been playing flyball since 2011. She knew her Border Collie, Gra, needed a job badly, so they showed up at Flying Fur! to get started. In the beginning Gra wasn't so sure about all the craziness that is flyball, but through Kelly's perseverance they have become a consistent team running any position. It has been great watching both Kelly's and Gra's confidence build over the years! Because she enjoys playing so much, Kelly was suckered, we mean blessed, to add another Border Collie to her household who she hopes to train in flyball as well. Kelly is one of the few smart people on our team that actually brings and wears earplugs. Years from now when the rest of us are using sign language to communicate, she will be laughing in our faces! Outside of flyball Kelly enjoys playing music and hiking with the dogs.