Michaela Mulhare was introduced to flyball in 2010 when her roommate started bringing Panda to practices. For years, Michaela was part of "Team Panda" having to stand on the box in order to get Panda to run down the lanes and get her ball. Later, when Tori was busy with vet school, Michaela starting bringing Panda along by herself. A few years go by and Michaela gets a dog of her own. Enter Kiwi, the flying Cattle Dog! It took a lot of hard work and consistency to get Kiwi up and running, but Michaela's patience payed off in a big way. If you ever get a chance to see Micahela and Kiwi in the lanes, don't miss the show in our runback area when Kiwi uses her springboard legs, launching herself into the air in order to catch her tug! Outside of flyball, Michaela enjoys riding horses and hanging out on the farm.