Rachael Rodseth started taking flyball classes with her pup Lemon in 2016. She knew her dog needed an outlet and Lemon happened to love tennis balls, so why not flyball!? Rachael and Lemon learned the game together very quickly and have become a very confident pair in the pack. Not long after Lemon debuted, Rachael had to move 300+ miles away from Blacksburg, VA to Jacksonville, NC. We are thrilled they have decided to continue running with NRR. Rachael challenges our club to think outside of the box and is the first person to utilize Airbnb for her room rentals vs. the typical canned hotel rooms most flyballers reserve. For the most part, her Airbnb experiences and stories have left us envious and Rachael has even convinced a couple teammates to try it for themselves. There was that one time, however, where their host's house party lasted long into the night. Outside of flyball, Rachael enjoys taking her dogs for a walk on the beach and watching the Hokies play football!