Breed: Mix 
Title: FDX 
Owner: Laura Kroeger 

AKA-Brodson, Brodstar and “The Pony”. Most whispered comment… “That’s one big Border Collie." Brodie is a Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix who tried his hand at flyball and really wasn’t into it. Although many attempts were made to get this goofball running on the team, he just wasn’t cut out for the sport. For such a big dog he had an amazing box turn and wasn’t too slow when he was really racing, but his increasingly bitter attitude towards other dogs got the best of him. That’s okay since Brodie truly does enjoy agility and will continue to work on his personal space issues in the coming years! There may come a day when the pony runs again, but for now he’s happy being a silly, overgrown mutt playing agility with his adoring owner Laura Kroeger.