Laura Kroeger has been playing flyball since 2011. When she e-mailed in to Flying Fur! daycare inquiring about agility classes, Sharon's ears perked up at the mention of Border Collie mix, and she invited Laura to come to a flyball practice to see what she thought. From that night on Laura was hooked. Her dog Brodie took awhile to figure out it was a game of fetch, but once he did he moved on to the full pattern within weeks. Eventually, flyball became too stressful for Brodie around so many loose dogs. Afraid Laura might quit flyball, Sharon had her start running Elijah at tournaments. That paved the way for Laura getting her very own flyball puppy a few years later, and the rest is history. Laura is always excited to help train new dogs and handlers. She loves trying out new training techniques, and pours over hours of video to perfect everything she can! Outside of flyball, Laura enjoys hanging out with her horses and photography.





Doggie Nephew