Breed: Border Collie
Title: FDCH-G
Owner: Laura Kroeger

Severus is Laura's long awaited Border Collie. After running her favorite doggie nephew Elijah for years, Laura missed having a "big dog" coming back to her in the lanes to hit a tug. She was hoping for a big, strong male that could topple her in the lanes, and we think Severus is more than equipped to handle that. Sev comes to us from Flying Puck kennels out of a Quicksilver bred mom and Rocket Relay bred dad. He quickly became the fastest dog on the team and is the first dog on New River Rapids to run a 3.6 time. We are looking forward to seeing what he can really do! Severus was the anchor dog on our Regular team that set the current club record of 16.063 and our Multi team that set the current multi club record of 17.368. Severus is owned and loved by Laura Kroeger.

Severus In Training