Breed: Border Collie 
Title: 60K & IRON DOG
Owner: Sharon Harrell 

Elijah is a gangly Border Collie who had a great start to his flyball career. In fact, in just a few short tournaments he quickly became our fastest team member! He comes barreling down the lanes at the speed of light not caring who or what is in his path. Once on his way back he loves jumping spread eagle in the air for his tug and has almost toppled his handler on multiple occasions. Elijah has a weird habit of tossing the ball to you so you’ll play fetch with him and he won’t stop circling you until you throw the ball! Besides all of that he’s a cuddle bug and loves to worm his way right into your arms for a good smooch on the lips! Elijah was a part of our Regular team that set the current club record of 16.063. Elijah is owned and loved by Sharon Harrell.