Sharon Harrell has been playing flyball since 2002. In 2008 she opened Flying Fur! doggie daycare, and made it her home base for a new flyball club, New River Rapids. Sharon got into flyball because of her first border collie, Micah. She knew he was going to need a job, so she figured what better way to play with my dog than compete in agility? Well Micah had a little too much fun on the course, and was a barking, crazy fiend. Lucky for us, she caught wind of a fast paced game of fetch being played by other handlers and their high energy, enthusiastic dogs. She and Micah tried their hand at flyball and never looked back. Since then, Sharon has added more Border Collies, a few Rescues, and a couple of Danish-Swedish Farmdogs to her pack. Outside of flyball, Sharon and her pack enjoy taking long walks in the woods and she still does compete in agility with a few members of her group!