Breed: Mix 
Owner: Sharon Harrell 

Jonah may have never played flyball, but I believe he deserves a spot on our team page.  Jonah had been a part of the "Harrell pack" since his rescue and truly was the BEST dog.  Jonah came into Sharon's life when she got a call about a Border Collie doing poorly at the shelter.  Well we're still not sure if Jonah had any Border Collie in him, but regardless he wormed himself a large place into Sharon's and pretty much everyones heart.  Jonah's sport of choice was agility and he was a rockstar!  Laura feels extremely grateful that Sharon allowed her to run this special dog whom always seemed to pull a smile out of her with every single run.  Slow and steady was Jonah's gig and we wouldn't have it any other way!  Jonah was able to run agility with his good pal Laura Kroeger and he was owned and extremely loved by Sharon Harrell.