Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier 
Title: 30K
Height: 8in 
Owner: Dirk Elber 

AKA – The Gremlin.  Wicked is an adorable brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  This girl can BITE!  Dirk has been waiting a long time for another dog to come along that would make him bleed every single time they play flyball… this little girl may be the one to do it!  Wicked thinks all things exposed (ears, nose, toes, etc) are fair game as far as tug of war and she has the jaw power to pack a punch.  She is a speedy box of muscle which is very hard to contain when she’s squirming to get to dad.  Wicked is also known for her terrible alien noises she makes in her crate if she is ignored!  Little Staffies don’t like to be ignored. She is setting some amazing times for such a small girl! She is our team's fastest purebred height dog! Wicked was the height dog on our Regular team that set the current club record of 16.063 and our Multi team that set the current multi club record of 16.334.  Wicked is owned and loved by Dirk Elber.

In 2016, Wicked was selected for the Dream Team at Fur Fun's Coconut Classic! 

Wicked in Action!