16 years and going strong, New River Rapids Flyball Club was formed in 2008! 

New River Rapids is based out of Blacksburg, VA and practices at Flying Fur! doggie daycare on a weekly basis.

We are a team which always enjoys sharing our sport with those interested. Check out our classes page to find out when the next Beginner Flyball class will be held.

New River Rapid's team "Up The Creek" racing in Athens, GA 2017!
Line-up: Tor (Tammy), Shimmy (Laura), Wicked (Dirk), & Elijah (Holly), with Sharon boxloading.

2024 HJJ Spring Fling Open 1 1st place team - Rolli, Vaya, Bodhi, Zoe, River, Kreacher, Rope-ee

Congratulations to Isaac and Sharon on his retirement! Isaac had many great accomplishments in his career and finished up with the coveted HOBBES title and Iron Dog achievement!

Dogs Overboard ran a new club multi record of 16.334 at The Nut 2019! Line-up: Zoe (Nikki), Severus (Laura), Tor (Tammy), Wicked (Dirk), Boxloader Michaela & Mattress Holder Jordan.

Up The Creek ran a new club record of 16.063!!! Line-up: Tor (handled by Nikki, owned by Tammy), Elijah (Sharon), Wicked (Dirk), Severus (Laura), Boxloader Holly & Mattress Holder Jordan.